About Planet Postmoderna

Planet Postmoderna is an indie Virtual World and MMO Game Project.  It is a sci-fi-based world inspired by an original work that dates back to the early 1980s.

It was founded 2008 by Alan Morgan.  Originally meant to leverage the Partner Planet Program of the online virtual world game called Entropia Universe, Planet Postmoderna has made many pivots.  The current effort is to finish the Advent, the virtual world RPG adventure game and make stories a thing you experience.  Planet Postmoderna marries media (books, the game and more) to make the experience richer and more immersive.  

Each zone area of the world has a related sub-world based on a time in our history.  The intro zone is based on the Mayan and Aztec Timelines and introduces players to the atmosphere, architecture, and more, from those periods.

The basis of The Advent game is the original scifi-story by Alan Morgan.  Children of Arla is the first in a series and was published in January of 2022.  It represents a major milestone in the realization of a lifelong dream, to make a story that people can experience. 

The Advent Game is designed to entertain, teach and help players own a piece of their adventure.


A lot has been done by volunteers

Between 2008 and 2014, most of the work done on Planet Postmoderna has been accomplished through the efforts of volunteers, product and software sponsorships and, donations.   After an eight-year break, we are in the rebuilding phase and building a new team.

Contribute to the Project

We are aggressively seeking to raise funds through crowdfunding, sponsorships and donations to the project.   You may use the button below to help us. You may also contact is if you would like to donate time and assets to the project.  Contact us via our contact form:  Let’s Talk.


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Alan Morgan, Project Founder

Indie Game Designer | Project Business Development | Creative Director | Writer

I have worked in business and market development for several decades but have always had a love for video games and virtual worlds.

I used to fantasize about creating interactive stories when I was younger.  When games like Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider came out, I became an addict of story-driven and immersive content.

My deepest love is for VR, AR and Adventure Games because I imagined that story-driven virtual worlds using immersive content was the direction much of game entertainment would go.  I wanted to go in that direction too.  I saw VR technology (eg. Oculus, etc) develop over the years so I knew I was on the right road.

I became interested in virtual economies like Entropia Universe by Mindark and Second Life by Linden Labs.  I even pursued building a Partner Planet for the game franchise.  I was not able to raise the initial capital to launch it so continue to build the concept for a standalone adventure RPG.    The spark to create content and virtual world games still steadily burns within me.   

During my journey on my master world project, I have learned about many game & world platforms ranging from Vastpark, Multiverse, CryEngine, Unreal, and eventually Unity3D.  The latter is what I settled on as my platform of choice.  It is not only good for games but also for real-time project development of many types and genres.

Now that Children of Arla has been published, I have dove back into the main virtual world game project and more passionate than ever, to make it a reality.