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Remaking Character Models

I upgraded Unity from version 2021.3 to 2022.3 in a recent project update.    The tears and issues with the player character models became apparent during that process.   In the previous version, the problems were pretty well hidden.    Since the Atavism core (now x.9) needs version 2022.3+, I have no choice but to

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Designing Temple Q

Temple Q for Quetzalcoatl This colorful stone structure is the gateway to the first sub-world on Argus.  Statues guard the entry and once-bright colors bathe the stone surfaces.   Channels of luminoy crystal line the pathways up to the crest of the temple.   The statues represent the character from Children of Arla, known a Klateqal. 

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Project Update: 04182023

Just in time for ComicCon Season, here is the latest update video about The Advent Game.   We have been at this for awhile and are again making progress since Children of Arla was published in January of 2022.   We partnered with several more artists and are actively looking for investors to support the project

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Designing Klateqal

Klateqal the Traveler He was the most distinguished and revered member of the Hydrackian Ata.   This faction of the bi-pedal dragon species was comprised of artisans, crafters, diplomats, scientists, teachers, philosophers, explorers and yes, the travelers. Travelers were special scientists and teachers that were tasked with exploring and cataloging planets favored by the Hydrackians

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Designing Tu’lia

Creating Tu'lia She is the leader of the Forest Guardians of Argus, the planet the NWC Team discovered. The Guardians are a combination of the Hydrackian Ota and Ata factions. To meet the needs of Argus, both factions shed their previous classes and adapted to one mutual purpose, the protection of Argus' secrets and

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Designing Wraithacks

Creating Wraithacks This sinister alien bipedal dragon is the villain in Children of Arla and The Advent Universe. He is both a primary character and a side story. He was born from the character of Klateqal, a Hydrackian Traveler that was framed for the murder of his daughter. The accuser, Zo'ar, the leader of

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Female Settler Model

Creating a Female Settler Model We already had a male settler model.  We needed a female one.   I knew it would take me forever to create one on my own, so I went to CGTrader.  I hired someone as soon as I found someone that would help.   I think I should have looked around

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