Resource Nodes – the lifeline of any crafting endeavor in the vast expanse of the Advent Game. In the latest update to the Advent Game: Chapter 1, we’re thrilled to introduce two new additions to the Base Camp Map: the coveted Metal Ore and the vital Water Resource Nodes. These additions promise to revolutionize your crafting experience and open up a world of possibilities in your quest for survival.

Discovering the Veins of Argus

Picture this: the harsh, unforgiving terrain of Argus stretches out before you, its mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Amidst this alien landscape, our intrepid explorers stumbled upon a treasure trove of resources, hidden beneath the surface – the Metal Ore Nodes. These nodes serve as the bedrock of our crafting economy, offering a plethora of raw materials waiting to be harnessed.

From the stalwart Iron to the versatile Aluminum, the precious Copper to the gleaming Gold and Silver – each ore holds the promise of untold riches and endless possibilities. But the wonders don’t stop there. Brace yourselves for the discovery of more exotic minerals, such as the enigmatic “Matua,” coveted for its energy-draining shielding properties. With each swing of your pickaxe, a new chapter unfolds, as you delve deeper into the heart of Argus’s secrets.

Forging a New Frontier

But what good are raw materials without the means to shape them into something extraordinary? Fear not, brave adventurers, for the crafting stations of Base Camp and Engineering Camp stand ready to answer your call. Armed with your newfound treasures, you’ll have the power to refine, mold, and create weapons, armor, building components and tools fit for champions.

Imagine wielding a blade forged from the finest Argusian Steel, or donning armor imbued with the resilience of ancient ores. With every craft, you inch closer to mastering the art of survival in this untamed wilderness. But remember, the path to greatness is fraught with peril – choose your creations wisely, for they may be the difference between victory and defeat or, the completion of a key quest.

Ready to mine

Search and You Will Find

The planet Argus, shrouded in mystery and teeming with untold riches, holds within its depths a secret waiting to be unearthed. Nestled amidst the veins of the terrain lies a precious resource – the energy-draining mineral known as Luminoy. It is within the interplay of this crystalline marvel and the surrounding rock formations that the mineral ores of Argus are found.

As you traverse the rugged landscapes of this alien world, keep your senses keen and your eyes peeled for the telltale signs of abundance. The shimmering hues of Luminoy, pulsating with otherworldly energy, serve as beacons guiding you to your next discovery.   The ore deposits glisten in the sun and moonlight so keep your eyes open and you pickaxe at the ready.

A Delicate Balance

The presence of Luminoy adds a new dimension to the crafting experience on Argus. Its energy-draining properties present both a boon and a challenge to the resourceful explorer. Harnessing its power unlocks new avenues for technological advancement, allowing for the creation of weapons, armor, and gadgets imbued with otherworldly abilities.

But beware the allure of power, for every advantage comes with a price. The relentless drain of Luminoy demands careful management, lest you find yourself depleted and vulnerable in the face of danger. Balance is key – tread the fine line between exploitation and preservation, and you may yet unlock the true potential of this enigmatic mineral.

Harder than diamond and a huge nuisance, this mineral makes it difficult to keep weapons and energy storage charged.  It drains the power from everything electrical.   Restocking the power cells across the planet is a necessary every day chore.

A Touch of Realism

In our quest for authenticity, we’ve ensured that the distribution of resources mirrors that of our own beloved Earth. Aluminum, known for its abundance, reigns supreme on Argus, while Copper takes a back seat, its scarcity adding a layer of challenge to your exploits. Rest assured, every swing of your pickaxe brings you one step closer to unraveling the mysteries of this alien world.

So, what are you waiting for? The call of adventure beckons, and the resources of Argus await your discovery. Join us as we embark on a journey unlike any other, where every node unearthed brings us closer to our ultimate destiny.

Are you ready to forge your legacy on the sands of Argus?

Stay tuned for more updates, and may the ores of fortune be ever in your favor.