Klateqal the Traveler

He was the most distinguished and revered member of the Hydrackian Ata.   This faction of the bi-pedal dragon species was comprised of artisans, crafters, diplomats, scientists, teachers, philosophers, explorers and yes, the travelers.

Travelers were special scientists and teachers that were tasked with exploring and cataloging planets favored by the Hydrackians for their growth and evolutionary potential.  The Hydrackians were an ancient species and have seen many other species come and go.  The Travelers were responsible for the preservation of the species from many worlds.  Earth was one such planet and it was Klateqal’s personal favorite.

The sentients, known as the humans (called by a different name by the Hydrackians), were an immature species that had a lot of potential for good, in spite of their tendency to commit horrible atrocities and be very wasteful.   Klateqal could see through the darkness and observed a hopeful future for the humans.  He would need to protect them long enough for the species to learn from their mistakes.

The other faction of the Hydrackians, the Ota, were not so optimistic.   They saw nothing but a dark future for that species.   They saw war, devastation of the planet’s seas, forests and natural resources.  They saw eras of death and violence.  The Ota wanted to take the planet from the humans and use the resources for Arla, the Hydrackian home planet.

Preserving a Species

Klateqal visited Earth countless times, collecting DNA samples of the humans and the various animal and plant species from the planet.  He brought the samples back to the storage facility on Earth’s Sister World.  The mysterious planet was a hybrid version of Earth and various organic Hydrackian technologies.   This marriage was designed to simulate the human home world and store the collected DNA and life forms, preserving them and protecting the future of the fragile human species.

Growing Civil Unrest on Arla Threatens Klateqal’s Work

The rising tensions between the benevolent Ata and the aggressive and industrious Ota force Klateqal and his followers to speed up their efforts.  The threat of a major civil war force Klateqal to make one more visit to Earth. He leaves to gather as many samples he can from the temperate central region of one the larger land masses on the planet.  This visit is the beginning of a long chain of events on Earth and on Arla that change the course of the Human and Hydrackian futures.  Those event gave birth to the tyranny of Zo’ar, the scourge of the Hellions and eventually, Wraithacks.

Designing the Character

Like most Hydrackians, Klateqal’s skin is very fair and made of a fine, silky layer of scales almost undetectable to the naked eye. Tendrils, flow behind his smooth wedge-shaped head.  His narrow golden eyes glimmer like gems in the sunlight.   His teeth are fine and sharp but are barely noticeable in his jaw.

His features are regal and every bit that of a diplomat or even royalty tempered with humility and strength under control.

Klateqal Reference Images

Beatris Goncalves (Artist), picked out reference images for the initial design and worked with me on the concept exploration.  Just like the previous designs, we explored 4 versions and sliced them into 3 interchangeable sections.

The first draft and Klateqal color exploration

This part of the design went quickly.  I was amazed at how fast Beatris worked.   She could generate our initial draft from the four choices she initially drafted.  The color combinations also came through great!  She also illustrated what the backside of his garments might look like.

Most Hydrackian robes have two slits in the back where their wings may recede and are kept out of the way.

Selecting the final design this time around was really easy.  Klateqal kind of jumped out at me.  I loved all of the versions but the purple coat with blue accent was the one we opted for.

The Final Design

Take a look at the process from beginning to end.

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