I made a lot of progress with Ned’s World Take 1.  I built upon my assignment from the Udemy Course and made it my own.  I updated the textures in the club and the city, added music, and refined the story.   I had some challenges with some transitions in the dialogue but with the help of my instructor, we were able to track down the bug and make it work.

The current version has an additional office cutscene, hallway scene and park scene.  It introduces a new potential villain–or is it?

The video below shows what I have done so far.  I hope you enjoy this preview of Ned’s World Take 1.

Ned’s World Dev-Journal Update Video

A takeaway I have at this point is that I am pretty sure I wouldn’t say I like to code.     I love to build things and organize them, like setting a stage.  But the grind of doing every little part is not in my tastes.   I know enough to be dangerous but if you asked me to build a script from scratch, I would have a tough time.  Maybe I am better off using something like Game Creator.   We’ll just have to see how that plays out.