Trying to teach me the fundamentals of game design is quite a task.  I tend to be a bit impatient.   As part of the process, I jumped into point-and-click adventures as I learned more about game design and development.   I took a course on Udemy appropriately titled, Creating a Point and Click Adventure Using Unity.  The instructor, Romi Fauzi, did a great job teaching the class.   He was very responsive to my posted questions on the course, so much so that I would recommend him as an instructor any day.

I followed along with the course, keeping up step by step.  It took me a while, but I logged into Udemy at least once a week.  It must have taken me 3-4 months to complete the course.

I still feel in a fog about my comprehension of C#.  I have a grasp of the basics, but my eyes glossed over when you add in multiple layers of Classes, Static Classes, and the set up of Horizontal and Vertical formatting for the Editor.  I imagine I will have a different perspective a couple of years from now.

Building upon the tutorial base game

I decided to keep the basics from the course’s core game.   I modified some of the dialogue, integrated Cinemachine for the cutscene, and filled in some pieces in the ending scene.   I built upon the initial game and story and made Ned, the cat, the protagonist.  He is the chief detective on the case, continuing from where the initial story left off.

Continued with Revamp

I added some tweaks to the Hallway Scene textures such as added signs, window, and handle on the exit door, and propped the restroom door open.   Ned kept getting stuck so this was a good workaround.

I added a second office scene where the grieving wife is consoled by Ned and Will.  The team promises to find the perpetrator.      I plan to rework the cutscene in the park as well as the cameras using Cinemachine.    I took a break at this point to polish my Cinemachine skills.