Experience the Adventure of Children of Arla

The long-awaited release Children of Arla has arrived. This is the story that became the basis for the background of the virtual world project. It is available in digital for Kindle and in Paperback. Revenues generated from the book’s sales will go toward supporting the further development of the larger virtual world project. Funds will cover design and development costs.

The story of Children of Arla is meant to introduce readers and virtual world game fans to the characters and storylines of The Advent. The story starts with the book and is meant to be continued in the game. Of course, there are people that are not big into games and virtual worlds as well. For that reason, more books will be released as part of the series.

It is important to remind followers of this project that the initial hope of mine was to create stories people could be part of and experience, not just read. This was a concept I had been playing around with since the early 1980s.

Story Info (short):

John Baxter is the former CEO of an influential Virtual Reality Technologies Company. Having built an empire on immersive virtual world technologies and other investments, early retirement and some much-needed time with his family seem well-earned. But his early retirement is short-lived.

On a trip to a mining outpost to aid in settling a labor dispute—his last act of diplomacy for his companies—he is cast into a tragedy that takes him to a distant world. Ironically, it is an organic virtual world. It was created for humankind to find someday by an alien race who have visited our planet and many others throughout the ages. This world will be the stage for events that would change our universe forever. John and his crew will soon learn they were ominously cast to take part in this interstellar drama.

Author and Project Notes:

Planet Postmoderna began as a Virtual World Game project. The “Children of Arla” story–formerly the Advent–was started in the early 1980s. It went through several re-writes. As it became part of the game project, the game story went through its own iterations. Arla was completed in 2014 and is now published. It is the hope for the book to get the story out into the metaverse and generate the funds necessary to launch the virtual world game. Visit the Planet Postmoderna website to learn more about the history, current, and future efforts of this very “organic” virtual world project.

Click below to view the preview or order on Amazon. We appreciate your support of the project. You may also make additional contributions to the game project by visiting the project page.