Wall of Appreciation

Settler Level

These people are contributors that provided support and individual models, coding and designs on a part-time or project basis. These people make up the greatest part of our volunteers. These people helped make a lot possible.

Name: Norbert Gaeckel
Location: Germany
Website: 3d-model-shop.de
Contribution(s): Modeled Farming Module, Admin Building, various light models, Settler Hut, Mini-lifter.

Name: Jitse Akse
Location: Netherlands
Website: Area 50 Digital Art
Contribution(s): Model revamps and texturing of Base Camp: Foreman’s Shed, Communications Dish and creation of Portable Reactor Model. Reworking of early Dome models, created new Comm Tower, Toolshed. He also created the concept for Forest Women, the initial NWC and Settler Uniform Concepts. NWC and Department Logos.

Name: Brian Hoadley and Patrick Hamilton
Company: Wardog Studios and Force of Arms (MMO)
Location: USA
Website: Force of Arms
Contribution(s): While we were developing in Multiverse, Brian and Patrick taught me a lot about the Multiverse platform (which no longer is supported). Brian helped me set up my Ubuntu server and got me up and running. I could not have done it without him.

Name: Matic Mirnik
Location: Slovenia
Website: None
Contribution(s): Original Team Member and Volunteer and very key to the development of the Base Camp Zone and Models. He developed the original Dome Model Concept and as a result it is named after him. He created the animated Warcer creature model, the Foreman Shed, concept art for the Visitor Center as well as several other creatures. He also gave us many tutorials. He was also very helpful in developing early workflow procedures.

Name: Andrei Betlen
Location: Ontario, Canada
Website: None
Contribution(s): Original and key team member and volunteer. Developed current low-poly FortAsh Dome Model and textures for model. Taught me about Blender, Photoshop and introduced me to XNormal. Developed the concept for the native Crystal Canyon Miner Character.

Name: Bruce Joy and the Vastpark Team
Location: Australia
Website: Vastpark
Contribution(s): Bruce Joy and the development team of Vastpark, a Virtual World Application Platform, helped this project in the early stages by co-sponsoring some of our early development environment. I learned a lot from him and his team of developers.

Name: EntropiaPlanets
Location: Denmark
Website: Entropia Planets
Contribution(s): The staff and team of Entropia Planets have been great partners, friends and advocates for this project over the last 3 years. Their active support has been priceless.

Name: Entropia Bay, Dendri Calabro
Location: Italy
Website: Entropia Bay
Contribution(s): Dendri made a $5 cash contribution to the project

Thanks again for your support and for being part of this project!!

The Staff and Management of Planet Postmoderna