Why be part of the Postmoderna Development Team?

Being part of this project presents many advantages and benefits. First of, it is an aggressive indie project with huge growth potential in a still growing market: virtual world entertainment and education. Just to say you are part of this project is exciting but may not be enough for some. This is why, we want to support you as best as we can through repaying you for the time you put in–in one shape or form (through shares of ownership in the final world, game credits which, can be exchanged for property inworld or cashed out some day, or just by paying you for your time at the time of project funding).

Planet Postmoderna is an indie project. Most of what we currently accomplish (while we are looking for investors) is through donations and volunteers. We are also open to discussing this project with a studio that has has a track record developing Sci-fi MMO – styled games.

***All must be self-driven and able to do independent background research when necessary.


A good team is an extremely important part of making this project successful. We have that.

Alan D Morgan, Founder and Project Director, USA
Dir of Marketing and Business Development
Self-taught in 3dsMax, PhotoShop, and Game Development and Management — to the level of familiarity and being able to provide direction to team in their language. High level of marketing and project management experience. Strong ability to negotiate affiliations and partnerships.

Read my LinkedIn profile at:

Artist 3D (Static Lead) and Concept Lead

Matt Campbell
Canon City, CO, USA

Education: BA in Media Arts and Animation, The Art Institute of Colorado

BattlEternal, Tecstar Games, (GUI Design, 2D/3D Artist)
Electron Boy & Station 39 CCP Comics
The Haven Killings, Hoodwink Pictures (lead storyboard and concept artist)
Art Instructor, Bemis School of Art
Nayantra Studios, Illustrations and Concept Art for Online Card Game

Artist 3D (Static) and Concept

Vladimir Milosevic

Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade” as an 3D artist,
3D slot video game (all rolls) for Game2be Company, Sydney AU (its not published yet).
Postmoderna’s Concept and Current models.

Artist 3D (Organic Lead) and Concept

Ronald A Root
Denver, CO USA
Education: The Art Institute of Colorado, BA Media Art and Animation

K’atun Studios, LLC., Denver – 2D/3D Concept Artist
The Art Institute of Colorado, Denver, Asst. Instructor, 3D Character Modeling Class
NGenius Games, LLC., Denver, Intern, 2D Concept Art

Artist 2D/3D and Concept

David Genoshe
Colorado Springs, CO
Education: Savannah School of Art and Design

Brian Velarde
Denver, CO USA
Education: The Art Institute of Colorado, BA Media Art and Animation

As a Branding Lead for DreamQuest Software in Boulder, Colorado, worked with Programmers to develop “Ace’s Poker Guide to Texas Hold ’em”, a poker tutorial application for iPhone and Android. Primarily works in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to develop 2d graphics for the applications UI and art assets to match Dreamquest’s theme and branding.

Artist 3D and Concept

Colten Janssen
Denver, CO USA
Education: The Art Institute of Colorado, BA Media Art and Animation

K’atun Studios, LLC., Denver – 2D/3D Concept Artist
3D Rigging Artist:
Needed (may not be necessary with existing talent)

Associate Programmer

Brennan Christiansen
Denver, CO
Education: Full Sail University, BS Game Development

EVP (14 man team) – 5 month project (3D horror – mystery), Position: Collision Lead
Steam Yeti (three man team) – 3 month project (2D side-scrolling platformer), Position: Project Lead
Animeland (March 2011 – present), Position: Freelance Mobile App Developer

Composer, Sound Designer and Audio Engineer:

Ben Long
Denver, CO

Projects ranging from games to film: Warner Brothers, Backflip Studios, Larva Game Studios, HBO, The Discovery Channel
Complete Listing: http://noisebuffet.com/RecentCredits_Ben_Long.html

Story Concept Development, Editor and Project Writer

Delphine Dryden
Houston, TX

Ms. Dryden is a multi-published author of steampunk, science fiction, paranormal and erotic romance fiction. Her nine released novels and numerous short stories have received critical acclaim and gained her a diverse readership.

Director of Historical Content and Research

Mike Kimbal
Greeley, CO

University of Northern Colorado’s Associate Professor of Anthropology Michael Kimball holds an MA and Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BA in Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic. His archaeological research specialization focuses on the transition from foraging to farming in ancient societies, with particular emphasis on Ireland’s transition from Mesolithic (middle stone age) to Neolithic (new stone age) periods. He has published on a range of topics from prehistoric human ecology to the application of natural resource economics to cultural change in Mesolithic society. Currently, he has broadened his research to include a collaborative project with a business researcher on how contemporary social groups “build place,” that is, how they value and invest in their social and geographical location. In addition to his research endeavors, Kimball served as UNC’s 2007/08 Robert O. Schulze Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies, teaches undergraduate anthropology courses and directs UNC’s Center for Honors, Scholars & Leadership.

Agreement with The Art Institute of Colorado

Through a collaborative reciprocal arrangement with The Art Institute of Colorado, the Game Design Program will provide Interns and Graduate access for the project. Students and Graduates will be able to gain valuable real-world experience by working on the project either as interns or full-time development team members.

Studio Collaboration and Support

END Games Entertainment LLC
15010 Lantana Dr, Broomfield, CO 80023
Scott Brown, President
Every founder and team member at END Games has at least 5-10+ years of experience building large scale MMOs and online games.
Titles: Jumpgate, Auto Assault, LEGO Universe, Fortune Online

Partnering with Planet Postmoderna LLC to produce Planet Postmoderna by providing Engineering and Art Support.