Alan Morgan
Alan MorganPresident & Founder, Planet Postmoderna & Team Lead for Postmoderna SL
Jonah Baxter (SL Avatar)
Jonah Baxter (SL Avatar)Postmoderna SL CEO in Second Life
Jonah Baxter is Alan’s Avatar in Second Life and handles most interactions, marketing and networking on behalf of Postmoderna SL inworld.

Alan is the leader behind the Postmoderna SL project and Founder of Planet Postmoderna LLC. He has had a passion for virtual worlds since his late teens and early twenties. He began work on the Planet Postmoderna in 2008, inspired by the Entropia Universe Partner Planet Program and an article he read in the Wall Street Journal. The article was about two high school students that were working self-made summer jobs and making upwards of $8000 a month selling virtual goods inside of Second Life and and Entropia Universe. Alan recognized the opportunities immediately and rekindled his project The Advent, a post apocolytic story he began writing in the mid-80s about a super race of beings that influenced mankind for centuries and the virtual world company that discovered the bio-engineered planet the beings created for mankind to find.

The project continues although the company, Planet Postmoderna, has made several business pivots since the original launch. Alan has managed and recruited team members to the Postmoderna project since 2008, that range from students to art professionals, teachers and writers, all volunteers, from all over the world. He has also garnered support and sponsorships from companies such as Autodesk and Pixologic to Teamwork Project Manager and Wix.

He decided to return to school after being laid off from a sales and marketing job in 2011 and is currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Colorado in their Game Art and Design Program. Postmoderna is a big passion for Alan and he continues work on the story for The Advent.

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