What arts students and graduates get for being part of the program is knowledge, experience and promotion of their skills and works. Project members provide content for the project and participate in a collaborative effort with other students, graduates, arts faculty and arts professionals in order to effectively do so. This will bring together students of Game Art and Design, Fashion, Photography, Architecture and Interior Design and Culinary Arts and Arts and Design Professionals. Producing these assets for the project will accomplish several things. The list below is a brief summary of what can be expected.

  • Collaboration between areas of study (eg. Fashion and Game Art and Design create and model meshes to display fashion designs inside of SL).
  • Students, Graduates, Arts Professionals and Arts Faculty will be provided a biography section and portfolio info on the Postmoderna Site to illustrate their real-life works and feature info about them and their career goals giving them more exposure.
  • All members will receive a portion of the revenues generated inside of Second Life for any sales of designs sold in SL if there are any. The reminder goes to supporting the project (land costs, marketing, etc).
  • Access to Marketing and Support to help feature and promote their skills and works in real life through leveraging the benefits of using a virtual world.
  • Participation in Second Life Events for the benefit of education and to make participation in this project more fun.
  • Voluntary Meetings and events at the Art Institute (planned).

***Please note that participation in this project is voluntary and not underwritten or sanctioned by The Art Institute of Colorado or other Arts institutions. Postmoderna SL is a private project managed by Planet Postmoderna LLC for the benefit of students, graduates and faculty of The Art Institute of Colorado and other interested Arts institutions and for the furthering and promotion of the benefits of Virtual Worlds such as Second Life. It is also a platform for promoting the works of Colorado Authors through engaging and emmersive representations (Sims) of scenes from their books.

If you are interested in becoming a member in this project or supporting it financially, please contact Alan Morgan via the contact us form on the contact page.