Project Description

Fungus 333 : Plant model for Planet Arkadia

From late Fall 2012 through Spring of 2014 I as an intern for Arkadia Studio out if Singapore. They own Planet Arkadia, a planet in in the MMO/Virtual World Game, Entropia Universe. The Underground, is the newest area under development on Planet Arkadia. I worked on four fungus models during my time with them. The Fungus 333 model is the first one published into the game so far. The others are under review.

This model was created using several design and modeling techniques in Maya, Mudbox, XNormal and Photoshop. A low-poly model was made first. It was then imported into Mudbox to increase the poly count and add details. After the details were created, the high-poly version was then exported and pulled into XNormal where the hi-res details were baked onto the Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps for the low-poly model. At that point, I took the AO maps and applied them to the hand painted textures that I created for the low-poly model.

This was one of the first models I made for them so John for Arkadia Studios did some additional UV mapping and touch-ups.