Planet Postmoderna Background Story (V 11.2011)

It is a desperate time for we inhabitants of Earth. A global financial crisis and our current state of affairs leave most of us feeling like we’ve been caught up in the reruns of a bad sci-fi “b-movie” and feeling hopeless and wanting for change and a new life. Many of us prayed for the discovery of a new home. Sure, space travel innovations such as the discovery of the super plasma/antimatter drive created a boom in exploration efforts but we as a new space-faring race, did not find any habitable planets beyond our own solar system. The world looked on, hopeful that we would find a habitable planet in the closest system of Alpha Centauri, but most efforts just ended up with bankrupt corporations who had dumped almost everything into exploring the nearest star system.

Not all the companies found themselves in crisis though. New Worlds Corporation (NWC) was one such organization to fare well. It specialized in multiple technologies and had spread out its risk. Space travel was just one part of this mega-enterprise. It had made most of its mark in virtual world simulations, and mining which, it used its acquired space tech for. It was one of the very first companies to set up resource and mining outposts between Earth and Alpha Centauri and on the uninhabitable worlds that had been discovered. NWC and a few other companies continued to pour financial resources into these mining operations and further exploration but NWC’s original might came from virtual worlds and the invention of the V-chip, the Virtual to Human Interface Device that connected people to the Virtual World and the Global Net.

Although NWC and its virtual worlds had become the world’s drug, decreasing domestic violence and the many more social problems that existed, the power that a feeling of hopelessness had over many people of Earth, was still great. The people were desperate to find a new home as living on Earth had become just a little less tolerable. Man just couldn’t get together.

In an area of space, halfway between our system and the Alpha Centauri system, a NWC cargo transport was enroute to one of its space stations, Outpost 13b. Somewhere along its route, the Black Venture, captained by the now former CEO of New Worlds Corporation, John Baxter, was diverted by an unexplained space anomaly. The anomaly gave off very strange readings and warranted further investigation so the vessel changed course.

When the Black Ventured arrived, the crew noticed immediately that this anomaly was unlike anything encountered so far. Unlike a wormhole, it appeared more like a tear in space, literally a window to another place. Through the tear, they could see what looked like a blue-green planet, much like Earth. This was a significant find for man, because ever since space travel became possible the only planets found by explorers were ones with hostile environments that required extra cost and effort to make them habitable. The NWC Black Venture crew was hopeful that this was the “one,” the first livable planet everyone was anxious to find.

A survey probe was sent through the tear in the hopes of gaining some additional readings from the other side and to see if they might be able to pass through. The tear was much too small for the full transport but one of the 3 heavy-lifter shuttles docked to the outside of the transport would be able to get through. Readings from the planet proved the planet was earth-like so a survey team was immediately dispatched.

The new world, was temperate and covered by vast oceans, dense forests and land masses that were spread out and expansive. The crew landed on the larger of 2 continents in a valley that resembled an overgrown crater. Peppering the landscape were rock formations embedded with veins and specks of a curious purple crystal.

When the survey teams returned to the transport and filed their report to the New Worlds Corp HQ Offices, it was obvious that this really was the planet everyone was hoping for. No time was wasted in beginning further exploration of the planet.

NWC HQ dreamt big. It knew this place would be a goldmine. It knew people from Earth would pay big money to come here and settle on this new world. Settlers and colonists would come in droves. This was indeed the brave new world and yet another enterprise for NWC.

Two of the three heavy lifters were sent to the surface for the set-up of a planet-side base of operations. It put down an expandable communications tower, satcom dish and several other structures. This site would become NWC’s Base Camp from where further survey and exploration of the planet would be birthed.

Set-up continued for a few days until upon one of the return flights, the space tear collapsed and crushed one of the heavy lifters as it passed through. The second one was forced to return to Base Camp.

The remaining supplies still needed to get to the planet. After a few hours the space tear seemed to have stabilized but it was now too small to send anything through but a transport pod. The pods, bulky cargo containers, also retrofitted to carry a few crew would have to be ferried to and from the space tear by the remaining heavy-lifter. The pods were only large enough to contain 2-3 crew members and the remaining supplies and equipment and would need to remain on the planet after delivery since they would only survive re-entry once.

Once the Black Venture ran out of the pods they just gathered the rest of the survey data, set off for for the nearest Outpost to refuel then returned home to Earth.

As the planet-side survey teams began their exploration of the planet, they found some very curious and interesting artifacts and structures that resembled those from Ancient Mexico, both Aztec and Mayan in their appearance. The crew also discovered more of the mysterious crystalline mineral in a large canyon not far from Base Camp. The crystal clusters were much larger there and were found to be nearly unbreakable. They appeared to absorb energy like a vacuum by day, releasing it in the form of light and energy by night. This constant drain wreaked havoc on the Terran technology and maintaining power was very difficult. In a few months, Base Camp was fully in the dark. Scientists also observed that this miraculous and strange mineral was present in all the plant and animal life across the planet creating some very interesting characteristics and abilities.

In the months that passed, NWC began to send additional supply convoys and cargo vessels busting at the seams with supply pods and enough workers and materials to finish the first base and continue exploration and settlement of this new planet. When the first resupply vehicle arrived, they found Base Camp literally dead. The surviving Heavy Lifter could not even return to the space tear to retrieve the new pods. The first batch had to be sent to planet, falling under their own weight and the aid of automatically deployed giant para-sails. Several of these pods contained much needed recharging stations, which used solar and hydrogen fusion energy to recharge the weakened power cells. Maintaining the power-cells became a regular process for the camps from that point forward and even the recharging stations were taxed by the constant drain of the planet’s crystalline minerals. The pods were additionally designed to be broken down and recycled to build structures and meet other the needs of the settlers. Nothing was wasted.

On the other side of what was now called Crystal Canyon, was discovered a strange stone temple, similar in design to something from mesoamerica of long ago. It was filled with hidden rooms within four levels that surrounded a large central atrium overgrown with dense foilage, and a massive maze located below the surface. Everything was naturally illuminated by channels made from the planet’s crystalline mineral.

Inside, NWC scientists ancient markings written in earthlike languages as well as some that were alien. In other temples across the planet translated markings resembled the ancient text from Earth areas like Central and South America, Africa/Egypt, and Rome and farther back, Mesopotamia. New Worlds spared no expense to bring in more specialists to translate these texts.

Access to a lower room in the nearest major structure, the one that resembled a Mayan temple, activated a pair of portals, smaller versions of the space tear. Through the portals, revealed a mesoamerican world on the side. It was a self-contained, living virtual representation of mesoamerica and on two separate timelines, the Aztec and the Mayan, both intact and very real.

No one died in these strange sub-worlds. In fact no human died at all in the main part of the world. When someone died, they were respawned near strange alien pillars scattered throughout the planet. It was surreal and NWC scientists could not explain how the technology worked; it just did.

Evidence was was found that this planet may have been inhabited by beings a long time ago that were suspected to be connected with the vanished civilizations of Earth and many others. These creatures seemed to, when at the height of their civilization, manipulate nature and space itself. They could travel long distances without spacecraft using planetary and stellar alignments that created some kind of space bridge or conduit between the source and the destination. The problem was that these stellar links would remain open only for a few hundred years and then closed for thousands upon thousands more years before they could be reopened.

The only sentient life found on the planet was a tribe of forest people that were scattered in villages across the planet. They were otherwise peaceful and very intelligent aside from their simple lifestyles. They had interesting rituals that included an annual mating festival that brought the factions of males and females together. Otherwise, the males and females did not coexist. The females were also very hostile to the humans and fiercely protected the temples and their secrets contained within. They were a warrior race and were much different than the males who were mostly hunters, farmers and fisherman.

As this story develops, we will see that the alien race that created Postmoderna, the Zilthay (based on the Hebrew Zithai which means Shadow of God) Aka, the good faction of the Zilthay race, did so intentionally for the human’s to find someday. They return to find that the humans have arrived as foretold but continue to only observe, intent on protecting them from their own terrible secrets and a civil war that would destroy the humans if they become part of it. Their intent too is to see if and to help the humans learn from their history within the reproductions of their Terran ancient civilizations. In addition, the Zilthay Aka work to protect the humans from themselves as a now corrupt NWC Board and omnipotent and malignant outside forces threaten to destroy them.

Player Background and Intro

As a settler you will come to this world to learn through and experience an altered version of history. You will be given the opportunity to pursue a new life, build and play in a realistic economy. Through the sub-worlds you can experience and learn more about the ancient cultures that are intertwined within the virtual world.

If you are an explorer and adventurer at heart, come to Postmoderna. History awaits for your taking.