I spent some time learning basic movement using Playmaker and Unity. I watched an older Playmaker tutorial that illustrated how to create basic movement for a platformer, or 2.5D game.  It was pretty helpful and the Playmaker system worked well for the most part.  Where I was having challenges was making my animations work.  That was a great part of my frustration.

I also tried to download the associated assets for the tutorials but they were flagged by my malicious content blocker.   I know they are probably okay but still, that was troublesome.  Romi, the gentleman that taught the tutorial seemed like a straight-forward person and was very easy to follow.    I had hoped there was something in the lesson that helped address setting up the animations properly in Unity as part of the process.  There wasn’t.

Needless to say, Learning Basic Movement using Playmaker was a little more challenging for me.   I am sure as I learn how to use Unity, C# Coding and Playmaker more, this will all seem elementary, a year from now.  With that said, after much back and forth, research on the forums and submitting bug tickets, I came to the conclusion that Playmaker does not “play nice” with the Mac OSx.   That was a little disappointing for me.  I really don’t want to have to partition my Macbook Pro and and iMac Pro drives in order to run Playmaker in Windows if I don’t have to.

I ended up going back to my own C# code and fixed my issues manually.  THAT, actually fixed my challenges.

I am not giving up on using Playmaker tough.   I will get back to learning it some more.  For now, I just want to make sure I can wrap my mind around using C# directly.

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