It’s Finals week for the Fall Quarter at the Art Institute. As some of you may know, I have been working on this piece for my Advanced Image Manipulation class. I have entitled it, Amour en Pierre which is french for “Love in Stone.” My inspiration for this is really the lack of communication between people in relationships. I have observed both personally, and through conversations with my friends about their own relationships. In cases more often than should be the case, couples and people in general will avoid difficult situations and discussions. Instead of dealing with the problems in their relationships and overcoming any obstacles that come about, differences and other challenges, they avoid them and don’t talk about them. In the end, this silence, causes love and friendships to die and turn to stone.

In my picture are a man and a woman. The man is turning away and walking further into the fog, creating more distance between them. The mouth of the woman in the foreground is covered by a rose, signifying her silence. Rose petals drift off her hair, symbolizing the failing of their once-beautiful love for each other, as she slowly turns into a stone statue. The world around them grows more foggy, dark and made of stone.

Amour en pierre

Amour en pierre – Final Matte Assignment

My final project for my Introduction to 3D (Maya) class was designing the interior of a room. We were to create it using objects from both polygon and NURBS. I decided to take the concept I sketched out a couple years ago for the observation deck of the NWC Corporate Towers in Denver, CO (Future Denver).

NWCTowers Side Concept

NWCTowers Side Concept

The design of the building is similar to the observation deck at The Grand Canyon, which reaches out over the canyon allowing on lookers to to look straight down into the canyon from above. The can see this through the glass bottom of the deck. Believe it or not, I just found out about this. My original idea was to make is so corporate execs and visitors could look down at the future city from above.

NWC Towers - Interior Front View

NWC Towers – Interior Front View

The long section the towers over the city is covered with windows and looks like the upper section of a reversed capital letter “C.”

NWC Towers - Top Close View

NWC Towers – Top Close View

I had to create the scene with about 20 objects. I definitely had no trouble doing that. I added in the conference table, the bar, the glasses and service on it, HUD screens, chairs, tree planters and trees, walls, class, background, etc.

NWC Tower Interior Final Render

NWC Tower Interior Final Render

After I completed the scene, I had to render 100 frames of a turntable animation. Instead of rotating the room around, I moved the camera from left to right and animated that. I combined the resulting images into a animation compiled using Adobe After Effects.