This week was a pretty light week at school. Actually, it seems a lot of students just took off for the Thanksgiving week and didn’t bother coming in.

In Advanced Image Manipulation we just spent the time working on our Final Matte Painting Project. I am pretty much done with it and will post my final image here next week. In Intro to 3D Modeling, we finished our Scooter project in Maya. This is the one I introduced to you last week.

I spent most of class finishing the handles, the chrome trim and the materials. Most of this project is done using NURBS which I introduced last week. Those are surface objects and I am not a huge fan since you can’t edit the individual polygons as with a traditional polygon object. As you can see I gave it a shiny red paint scheme and turned on the lights. I hope you enjoy it.

The next two weeks I will be spending my time working on an interior room model of my choosing. I think I might take something from the 3P Advent Project. Perhaps I will fashion part of John Baxter’s office.