One of the next steps in the process of getting the demo off to a start is to start taking some of the art and making them into models.

A new friend and artist, Norbert Bruno Gaeckel, from Kiel, Germany, offered to help work on a few of our models. I sent him some of the art that our lead artist, Vladimir Miloshevic, concepted. Norbert played around with one of the light towers.

Modular light tower concepts

Modular light tower concept

He built a basic concept in Cinema 4D. I was pretty impressed with how he took the concept and made it into a model. This is because it would take me forever to do on my own. 🙂

Cinema 4D formatted light tower

The initial render as you can see below is still in its basic form but gives you a general idea of how it looks with the some of the initial textures.

Initial Flood Render

Initial Cinema 4D Render of Floodlight

The texture in the upper area of the model is still a bit distorted and stretched. This will be fixed when the model is unwrapped and the textures are better mapped.

After some back and forth between myself and Norbert, he created the individual UV Unwrapped texture images. From those, I tweaked the textures, created a normal map and emmissive/illumination map and the following was born. This image is a screenshot from the render within Unity 3D.

Base Camp Flood Light

Base Camp Flood Light

Unity 3D does a pretty good job of rendering bloom effects. The below screen shot gives an example of this. You can see the glow around the edge of the lamp.

Flood Lamp Night Render

Flood Lamp Night Render

Story Background and Usage:

This is an example of the flood light posts found within Base Camp and at construction camps. They a powerful lamps used to illuminate larger areas within the camps. They are powered by rechargeable cells. Because of the power-draining nature of some of Planet Postmoderna’s crystalline minerals, the cells need to be recharged at frequent intervals and the powerful flood lamp posts cannot not be installed far from Base Camp or other camps not equipped with recharging stations.