That’s right! Thanks to one of our talented artists, Jitse Akse (Holland) and , whom created the original New Worlds Inc, Postmoderna logo used in several concept renders, we have a new project logo. I have to tell you I love it!

Both of these artists are veterans of the MMO Game and virtual world, Entropia Universe. Jitse is one of the project’s newest volunteer members and has shown his quality talent on many occasions.

We also made a fan icon available for purchase on Entropia Planets by fans of the project and members of the Entropia Game Forum site. No real money is involved here! Just EPDs (Entropia Planet Dollars) that you earn by participating in community discussions.

Again, thanks to the team and the fans for this exciting new image. It represents the virtual world indie project, Planet Postmoderna, very well.

**Note: The did not want to be connected with the logo. Bummers really. I think it is awesome. I tired to credit him with what he did for the original logo but couldn’t find it on the forums. I think the link broke. Sorry.