Vastpark is at it again and we are quick to get the word out.  They are offering a new “code bounty” to help build a Open GL Render for their virtual world platform.

Use the existing Vastpark DirectX based implementation as a reference, implement an OpenGL renderer for our Virtual World platform.

One of the following two OpenGL engines must be used:

* Horde3D (preferred)

* OpenSceneGraph

There is an existing stub implementation of Horde3D in the SVN repository.

The implementation will be done according to our existing IRenderEngine interface and you will have access to the developers for any questions you may have.

Some useful links

Source code repository:
– See Common/VastPark.Common/IRenderEngine.cs for the interface to implement
– See Common/VastPark.Truevision/RenderEngine for the existing DirectX implementation

Developer documentation:
– See “VastPark developer documents” link as a good primer

Let us know when you can start because we are keen to get moving on this. We’d like to also know how long you think this will take you once you’ve had a look at our existing code.

If you’re freelance or part of a very small team, then there’s the opportunity for this to turn into a full time or similar position to suit.

If you would like more info go to the Vastpark Forum Thread.