This is the journal of John Baxter, crew member aboard the Black Venture.

Begin Log….1.005.01
Sgt Dave McCaughney
It has been a quiet but very long ride to Outpost 12b. The crew has been really good about keeping busy with the usual on-ship maintenance activities although reorganized for trans-space flight. I think what has really kept everyone going has been the anticipation of arriving at the outpost.

I am actually looking forward to being ground-side myself again. Although I love these cargo vessels and although this is the first time I have been actually been able to go into deep space, even a deck sarge like me gets a little stir crazy. Well, at least I don’t have a shortage of things to do.
I think though I will get ….

>>>>>>>Log Interrupted ….backup saved.
Begin Log….1.008.01
Sgt Dave McCaughney
This has been an interesting couple of days. We finally got the ship repaired. We had an encounter with an anomaly. It pulled us off of our flight plan to the outpost station and in front of what looks like a tear in space. As best as we can tell it puts us about 29 clicks off of our original course.
What is even more amazing is that we found a new world. From what my crew could see from all the high-level chatter between the Capt and New Worlds Corp HQ, this is a major find. I think we may be staying here for awhile.
End Log>>>>>>>

New Message from New Worlds Corp Headquarters “Forwarded by Capt John Baxter”

>>>>Capt Baxter, please forward to your crew.
Hello Crew of the Black Venture,
By now, all of you are busting at the seams as we are, here on Earth. I am happy to notify you that the analysis of the data returned by the probes from the new planet you have discovered is conclusive. The planet is indeed capable of sustaining human life. A detailed report has already been provided to the team heads and Capt Baxter.
This is the first real Earth-like planet we (or anyone for that matter) have ever discovered. As you all know, the race to Alpha Centauri has only found uninhabitable rocks and planets not fit to live on without assistance. It is not the case with your discovery. This is a major find for all of us and, for all of Earth.
We are dispatching survey and scouting crews immediately. Get your teams together.
I and all of Sr Management at NWC would like to thank you for your continued dedication to the mission of NWC and look forward to hearing more about what each of you learn. Give our best to your survey teams and have a great time down there.
Yours truly,

Jessica Baxter

New Worlds Corporation Sr Team Relations
This message is meant for the eyes of New World Employees only. If you received this message in error please forward it to the appropriate person.
Begin Log….1.008.01
Sgt Dave McCaughney
Oh brother. What canned crap. I guess at least they try to look like they care about us.
Well, I better get the survey teams together.
End Log>>>>>>>>>>>

Begin Log….1.009.011
Sent via remote feed.
Sgt Dave McCaughney
I filed my report today for the initial survey. This planet is definitely a place for a colony. There was a small lake nearby and the area around here is pretty lush. Toward the south is a canyon. To the west from our location is the sea.
There has not been any sign of dangerous creatures other than some small carnivores that kept trying to get at some of the supply packs. They kinda reminded me of furry little dogs except for the leathery gray tendrils that reach out from the sides of their heads. And that their fur is… purple.

These creatures use these tendrils (I’ll call ‘em tentacles) to grasp at their targets. The science team was able to trap a few of them for study. From what I saw in their report, they caught a mix of creatures and even brought back samples of some of the plant life.
The rock formations in the area are pretty interesting too. The stone in this area is really hard and is speckled with a purple crystal that reminds me of amethyst. We broke quite a few bits trying to cut out samples to bring back for the engineers to work on.
In any case, I think this stone material could come in handy for construction later. It is amazingly strong.
Tomorrow, a construction team will head down to build a operations center.
End Log>>>>>>>>>>>