We are working on the initial setting of the demo of Planet Postmoderna.  We built the terrain and imported it into Vastpark.   We didn’t have any trouble importing it through the Vastpark  Publisher program.  The tools is a very neat feature of Vastpark.   I actually learned a lot about it from the Vastpark community forums.  Very helpful team over there.

We imported the DirectX file along with the Normal Map that Andrei Betlen made with the model.     The model looks great but we need to tweak the resolution of the texture image some more. I need to get a registered version of Terragen first since the unregistered version limits the size of the renders I make for things lke the terrain and skybox textures that we need.

I am still working toward hopefully  getting a sponsorship from Planetside, the software designer of  Terragen.  I sent them a few emails but have not heard back yet.

Here is the latest render in Vastpark of the Terrain that Andrei, Luca and I worked on.

Also, what I basically did is took my original BMP render from Terragen and imported that with the Low-poly model that Andrei tweaked in ZBrush as a Detail Map.  I also converted Andre’s UV Map Image to a Bump Map by converting to greyscale.  All of those and the Normal Map were imported to Vastpark as an object.

I created an alternate version by flipping the normals so I could create a terrain tile that had valleys in the areas where there were hills.

Both these tiles are up against each other right now.  The next step would be to  create hill tiles with the same textures to put at the tile seams to hide the joint.   We can also use these hill objects to add size and texture in some areas of the terrain instead of just amping up the height values of the normals.   This way we don’t distort the entire tile.